Covid19- Kickstarter For Flexible Working


With the COVID-19 lockdown, businesses have been forced to think of alternative ways to operate. Remote working has all the sudden become a universal reality, and even the employees of more conservative organisations are keeping the flag flying sat at their kitchen tables.

This raises the question whether this trend will continue in the future. Major businesses announced that they are currently restructuring, and want to integrate the principles of flexible working into their organisation long-term.

Future work trends:

·        More working from home

·        Smaller, decentralised offices

·        More meetings via video, less travelling

·        Rotating shifts as required

According to the professional body for HR and people development, flexible working opportunities are proven to be immensely motivating for the workforce. However, implementing major changes in a rush can easily go wrong. To help people ease their way into the new way of working, employees can follow a few helpful rules and ideas.