10 Tips For Working From Home


Top 10 tips for working from home:

  1. Designated workspace. Set up a welcoming, separated space with minimised distractions and all the work materials you need.
  2. Technical equipment. Make sure your internet connection is stable, devices ready and IT support’s number at hand.
  3. Business clothes. Dress as if you were going to the office. This helps you to activate your ‘business mode’.
  4. Planning. Write down your daily tasks and weekly goals. This helps you to prioritise, keep an eye on work progress and stay on track.
  5. Working time. Determine a designated working time for each day. Know when work starts and ends, and leave enough space for breaks.
  6. Information. Participate in group chats and keep on track with important information shared by colleagues and managers.
  7. Relationships. Stay in touch with your work friends. You might not meet them anymore at the printer or in the kitchen, but what’s holding you back from having video calls to keep the non-work chats going?
  8. Communication. Without the support of your body language you need to be extra aware of your way of communicating. Generally, you can’t communicate enough when working from home.
  9. Support. Ask for help whenever you need it. When working from home you might feel isolated at times, but support is only one message or phone call away.
  10. Comfort. Make working from home comfortable for you. Change your sitting position frequently, turn on music.. whatever helps you to enjoy working from home and stay productive.