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We bring to life your talent strategy with a bespoke solution that promotes your employer brand and delivers on hiring objectives.

our solutions

  • Hire On-Demand: flexible hiring solution consisting a dedicated, on/off site, talent partner and minimum 6 month term. No strings attached.
  • RPO: dedicated talent partner/s incorporating technology and processes with complete transparency and data sharing over an extended term period.
  • Executive Search: senior search with capability to offer talent mapping, confidentiality, market analysis, additional screening and psychometrics.
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why procurex?

  • fixed hiring costs: we operate within agreed parameters, reducing talent related overheads and agency spend.
  • we’re flexible: we can scale up and down a dedicated team for busy periods, to secure the volume of talent you need.
  • we build your hiring brand: we operate as an extension of your business, with solutions to achieve sustainable growth.
  • we deliver value: we look at ways to add value by honing the hiring process and by implementing continuous change.
  • draw on our expertise: in talent aquisition and executive search with qualified practioners and industry specialists.
  • an extended team: bilingual research and admin support for talent partners to find and attract the best people, fast.
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